Storm Ecological Bacteria


The storm ecological bacteria is a group of useful filter bacteria that have been very carefully developed and compiled by VinFish. This has been preceded by many years of testing.


Vin Storm Ecological Bacteria consists of numerous filter bacteria. These bacteria ensure the conversion of degradation products (ammonium) into less harmful and useful products that your aquarium plants can absorb (nitrate). For optimal shrimp breeding, it is very important to have a healthy bacterial balance in your aquariums.

Storm Ecological Bacteria optimizes the nitrification system in your aquarium, thereby optimizing the water quality as well. Algae growth is actively prevented by Storm Ecological Bacteria. Using Vin storm ecological bacteria will significantly increase the survival rate of juvenile shrimp.


Dissolve a leveled measuring spoon (included) in a cup of aquarium water, mix thoroughly and add to your aquarium. When starting up an aquarium, it is wise to spread a few dosing spoons in your aquarium soil.

It is best to use Storm Ecological Bacteria in combination with Vin Storm Nitrifying Bacteria and Vin Activator for optimal effect.

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