Shrimps Forever Natural Stinging Nettle Powder


Shrimps Forever natural nettle powder is made of 100% natural and finely ground nettle leaves. These nettle leaves are organically grown and free from pesticides, impurities or harmful substances.


Shrimps Forever natural stinging nettle powder is rich in natural silicates and minerals. This helps supporting the moulting of shrimp and the build-up of the armor. Besides this, nettle powder is also rich in fiber and vitamins. This stimulates the intestinal tract and supports the immune system. This allows more nutrients to be absorbed, which benefits the health and growth of the shrimp.

Since this shrimp feed is in powder form, it reaches all places in the aquarium. As a result, even the smallest shrimp can reach and eat the nettle powder. Shrimps Forever natural nettle powder is a very healthy supplement in addition to complete shrimp feed.


Use Shrimps Forever natural nettle powder as additional shrimp feed. Mix with a little water outside the aquarium and then pour it over the water surface. Feed as much as the shrimp eat in about 2 hours.

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