Komodo Tropical Canopy


Enhance your reptile’s habitat with the Komodo Tropical Canopy. This artificial foliage provides a realistic hiding place and is perfect for creating a tropical environment. With flexible stems and a weighted base, you can shape it to fit your desired design. Standing at 31 cm / 12″ tall, this canopy offers ample space for your reptiles to explore.


Introducing the Komodo Tropical Canopy – the perfect addition to any reptile habitat! Crafted with precision and designed for both aesthetics and functionality, this artificial tropical canopy is a must-have for reptile enthusiasts.

Create a mesmerizing and realistic reptile habitat with ease. The Komodo Tropical Canopy offers a natural-looking hiding place that mimics the lush foliage of tropical environments. Your reptiles will feel right at home as they seek shelter and security within its two-tiered foliage.

Flexibility meets convenience with the canopy’s flexible stems. Easily shape the foliage to your desired arrangement, allowing for a customizable and visually appealing display. Whether you prefer a dense jungle or an open oasis, the choice is yours.

Worried about stability? Fear not! The Komodo Tropical Canopy comes complete with a weighted base. This ensures that the plant stands tall and upright, creating a seamless integration into your reptile’s habitat.

With an approximate height of 31 cm / 12″, this canopy provides ample space for your reptiles to explore and enjoy their surroundings. Its realistic design is sure to captivate both you and your scaly friends, offering a stunning visual element to any enclosure.

Not only does the Komodo Tropical Canopy enhance the overall aesthetics of your reptile’s habitat, but it also serves as an ideal hiding place for reptiles and live food. Give your pets the privacy they need while still allowing them to observe their surroundings.

Invest in the Komodo Tropical Canopy today and elevate your reptile’s habitat to new heights. With its incredible attention to detail and thoughtful design, this product is perfect for reptile enthusiasts of all levels. Transform your enclosure into a tropical paradise that both you and your reptiles will love.

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