Komodo Anthurium Bush


This artificial rainforest ground plant provides a realistic reptile habitat, complete with a weighted polyresin base to ensure it stays upright. Not only does it provide an ideal hiding place for reptiles and live food, but is also low-maintenance and hygienic.


Komodo Anthurium helps create a realistic rainforest environment in your terrarium and because they are artificial they won’t bring bacteria into a quarantine terrarium. The anthurium has three colourful petals and stamen and realistic leaves.

The Komodo Anthurium is easy to clean and can be used in conjunction with real plants. Reptiles like places to hide and arboreal lizards and snakes like obstacles to climb over and play upon, so these plants are not only a decoration, but they also add to your reptile’s general well-being. The approximate height of the plant is 29 cm.

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29 cm