Baby Premium Shrimp Food 30 g

PowerShrimp baby premium is a complete and nutritious shrimp food for all young freshwater shrimp.

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Enhances the growth, health and improves the water quality. Only made from the best ingredients. The 32 different ingredients and supplements help the baby shrimp grow healthy and stable during the critical period of all young shrimp. This shrimp food helps increasing the survival rate of young shrimp. Helps breaking down the waste products and impurities in the water.

PowerShrimp Baby Premium improves survival and growth rates. Helps with (molting).

Extra Information:

Does not cloud the water. Free from artificial colors and preservatives. This shrimp food contains no fish meal and no useless fillers. 100% Organic slow sinking powder food. Can be mixed with aquarium water outside the tank to sink immediately.

PowerShrimp baby Premium contains more than 30 ingredients, this makes PowerShrimp baby premium a complete shrimp food suitable for daily use!


Resealable zip lock bag with 30 grams of baby premium powder.

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30 g


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