100 L/Min 65 Watts Aquarium Air Pump WAP-005


Looking for a way to power your aquarium and keep your fish healthy and happy? Look no further than the Aquarium Air Pump WAP-005. This powerful air pump is designed for use in aquariums and can provide years of reliable service. The WAP-005 environmentally friendly choice for aquarists.

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The aquarium air pump WAP-005 is a high-quality, reliable air pump that is perfect for use in aquariums. It has a voltage of AC 220 – 240 V and an exhaust capacity of 100 L/Min. This pump uses green drive technology, meaning that the motors are energy efficient and have low power consumption. The specially formulated diaphragm material ensures extended life. Since there are no wearing parts, there is no reduction in performance. Use special shockproof pads to make it vibrate and reduce noise.


  • Voltage: 220 – 240 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Power: 65 W
  • Pressure: 0.038 MPa
  • Exhaust Capacity: 100 L/Min
  • Noise: 38 dB

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